Aged Oak Floors' Wide Board Designer Collection is ‘The Designers Choice’.  The collection is made from only the finest French Oak, 21mm thick with a 6mm oak top and cross ply construction on a 2.2 metre long board with a unique lifetime warranty.  In 2009 traditional timber flooring was revolutionised, the manufacturer evolved the conventional practice and produced timber flooring with the same top wear layer as traditional flooring.  This wide board collection is often referred to as Modern Wide Board Timber Flooring by architects and the building industry.  It delivers stability on wider board widths and far less installation time due to a pre-finished product. For the first time the manufacturer can offer a life time warranty (under normal conditions) against gaps, cupping, movement which we have not been able to do in the past with a traditional floor. Modern Wide Board Timber Flooring is replacing solid timber flooring at a daily rate.

Due to the handcrafted application of these colours and light wire brushing, this process in colour and texture is not possible to achieve on site.  The manufacturer has achieved this with traditional Australian colours and the latest finishes from Europe. 


After years of experience we have found the grade our clients are most comfortable with is our Export Prestige Grade.  Still showing the unique characteristics of oak this is a cleaner grade than other timber floor products on the market.

The manufacturer we have this promotion with only buys French Oak certified lumber. This ensures full control of the timber from the start to delivery.

We put quality, grading and pricing first.  All of our orders are personally inspected and signed off by one of our family members.

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