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An engineered floor is a floor board made of multiple pieces of timber. Up to 12 cut layers of hardwood timber which are placed press adhesive fixed in different directions.  This creates a stronger and more stable timber floor.  When compared to solid timber floorboards, it is very difficult to detect the difference.  However, the superior engineered wide board flooring eliminates "cupping" and warping, problems that can occur in solid timber flooring, especially in wider widths.

Engineered timber flooring technology has developed greatly over the past 25 years and has dramatically improved the quality of flooring products in that time.


Aged Oak Wide Floors prides itself on being one of very few companies who supply and install. We are able to deliver the entire package, completing quality installations using own qualified installers. Our installers are all trained to install our products to high standards.

Directly onto concrete or timber sub-floors. There are 3 methods of installation:

  • Floating over 2mm foam underlay or 3mm, 5mm, 10mm acoustic underlay
  • Glued to concrete or timber sub-floor or directly to 3mm, 5mm, 10mm acoustic underlay
  • Glued and secret nailed directly to timber chipboard, plywood or existing timber sub-floor


    Step 1            Mop

    Always remove dirt and grit prior to cleaning your timber floors with an electrostatic dust control mop. Avoid using vacuum cleaners and bristle brooms. Some types of bristles and worn vacuum cleaner heads can leave fine scratches.

    Step 2            Spray

    Lightly mist a 1 - 2m2 area of your timber floor, or directly spray the Floor Wipe Mop cover with ETFTimber Floor Cleaner.

    Step 3            Wipe

    Using a back-and-forth motion, clean the floor surface with your ETF Floor Wipe Mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next. The ETF Mop’s low profile and easy to manoeuver swivel head makes it the perfect cleaning tool for hard to reach areas such as under furniture and cabinets, around doors or in tight corners.  When both sides of your terry cloth cover become soiled, replace with a clean cover. Continued use of excessively soiled covers may cause streaking. Your ETF Floor Wipe Mop terry cloth covers are reusable. Simply wash and dry them as you would any toweling.

    When a spill occurs, soak up the bulk liquid promptly. Mist the affected area with ETFTimber Floor Cleaner and Wipe with your Polycare Wipe Mop or a clean, soft cloth.

    (Household Cleaners Can Damage Timber Floor Finishes)


    1. Remove dust with an electrostatic dust control mop. Remove spills promptly. Use a soft cloth and Poly Care Timber Floor Cleaner to clean wet spills.
    2. Place mats both inside and outside exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic. Use area rugs on stairs, in front of sinks, near doorways, etc. All rugs should allow floors to breath. Avoid rubber backed or non-ventilated rugs. Where rugs are impractical, periodically check the finish for signs of wear.
    3. Install ETF Wood Floor Guards on feet of furniture.
    4. Renew a worn surface with ETF brand timber floor finish before the timber is exposed.


    1. Do not let sand, dirt or grit build up. They can act like sandpaper and actually abrade and dull the floor finish.
    2. Never flood mop a timber floor. Excessive amounts of water can cause your timber to swell and cup.
    3. Avoid walking on timber on high heels. They can severely damage timber floors. Keep heels in good repair. Keep pet’s claws properly trimmed, to avoid excessive scratches.
    4. Do not use wax or other household cleaners on your polyurethane finished timber floor. The use of these products can dull today’s floor finishes and make re-coating difficult.

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